Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

1. Is it just me or does Tuesday's come by really fast these days? Oh, well, now it's here and as usual I'm wondering what to say . . . Oh yeah, I choreographed an African dance piece for chapel today and while it went well, the heavy breathing afterwards reminded me that I'm definitely 37.

2. Speaking of African Dance, I finally found a spot Saturday to get my drum and dance fix on -- I'm hanging out with the Uhuru Dancers in downtown Decatur. If you get a chance, drop by sometime on Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., I can get you a pass for a $1 class. What workout can you get for $1? The best thing is that I met a former Tallahassee resident who I used to dance with. I guess I do know a lot of people . . .

3. Got my reflection paper back from my Urban Ministries class and happy to say I got a 4 out of 5, or a "B". I was supposed to do a critical analysis on Intimacy and Mission, the book written by my professor. I got a B because I spoke more on my convictions and didn't include enough information on his book and how his research formed my thoughts. I thought I did a great job throwing in comments from M.L.K. Jr.s comments from a A Letter for A Birmingham Jail. You can bet I won't be making that mistake again -- professor/author work trumps M.L.K. Jr. insight any day!

4. First gas was $3.79, then within a two-hour period, it dropped to $3.69 today. Maybe by week's end, we'll be below $3.50! A girl and her gas-guzzling truck can only hope.

5. Okay, how crazy am I? A friend and I went to Atlantic Station Friday on the MARTA after classes to hang out at the Cheesecake Bistro. We didn't know any other way to get there other than walk across the 17th street bridge. I found out on Saturday morning a shuttle runs to Atlantic Station every few minutes. Now, I understand why people thought we were tourists and gave us a map of Atlanta.

6. When we got there, I got this great art piece, "Eargasim" by David Patterson. And it was $5. You know I love GREAT DEALS! Brotherman said "Economic times are hard, I'm trying to get all I can get!" His pieces are done entirely by pen. Check him out at www.myspace.com/Pitchblackart or email him at pitchblackart@yahoo.com.

7. How do good people turn evil? What transformations are at work when two 10-year-old boys kidnap a 2-year-old from a shopping center and kill him in cold blood? (That actually happened in England) Those are the questions we are pondering this week in my Unlearning Violence and Learning Non-violent Strategies this week. The Lucifer Effect is the book we're reading to gain some insight.

8. Got two more days until I get my Old Testament test back. Just learned about 60 people got 100s. I know I wasn't one of them. But I'm still hopeful for an "A".

9. Still haven't managed to find my hats in that storage unit. You know I'm going crazy, right? Me, without my hats, just isn't normal. Besides, it's getting cooler by the day.
10. I'm going to bed. It's already after 2 in the morning.

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