Monday, January 12, 2009

Dreams revealed . . .

Imagine taking a sabbatical from your cellphone. Well, I did -- not by my own accord, mind you. It was forced. Altell doesn't work on this side of the ocean and for the past nine days I've been without the ability to make or receive phone calls or text. I was so distressed that for the first few days, I would just turn on my phone to see if it still worked. I secretly hoped maybe a text would find its way through or I would see the bars light up on my phone saying I could make a call if I wanted. No such blessing. (Cost for just a minute would have been too high anyway). For a while, I couldn't even link up to the Internet. By all accounts, I felt as if I were a woman without a country to connect to. The ironic thing about that, is that that's how I've felt since being here. In that in-between place, where I struggle to find out where exactly I fit in the grand scheme of what I see taking place here.

I shared with my fellow seminarians and workshop participants that I'm beginning to see what God is doing with me here. This seminar is the fulfillment of prayers I have prayed in regard to my ministry and and a fulfillment of the promises God made to deliver on my desires. I didn't realize until a few days ago that the list I have been compiling of the 100 things I would like to accomplish in my lifetime is dwindling somewhat as God is crossing some of those things off the list. Here I am beginning to see the marriage of my journalism skills with that of ministry and I am in awe of how God works. I've desired to connect with people of other cultures and have the opportunity to speak and minister internationally and have them share their faith with me. This trip has allowed me the chance to do that.

I prayed that I would be able to travel and fill my passport with stamps. This trip is the beginning of that dream. I have also prayed to be able incorporate my love of radio within my ministry. Since being here, I have networked with people who may be able to offer advice and help in that area and have even asked me to be a part of their radio broadcasts. I've done two interviews since being here. And been asked to speak at other future events and churches.

All of this happens and I have no one to immediately tell. Maybe that is where the lesson lies. Maybe I'm just supposed to sit with something and bask in the Glory of God's goodness alone. Being without my phone has forced me to look within and rest with God awhile. It has forced me to really take stock of my surroundings and ask God, "What's next?"

It's prompted me to live my life with the expectation that God has so much more in store for me.
I must say, this isn't a bad start. Today the Bahamas, tomorrow . . . maybe South Africa.
I'm praying!

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