Saturday, May 30, 2009

Waiting and anticipating . . .

So I've been back from Atlanta for about three hours now -- had to make an impromptu trip to interview for this fellowship. I'm praying through Wednesday that God will have the judges give me favor. Wednesday is D-day, the day the committee will decide whether I will be one of the recipient's of the Black Women in Church and Society Black Women in Ministerial Leadership Fellowship. I don't feel the most confident that I did well . . . the ministry project I proposed to do in conjunction with my work at Spelman next year needs a bit more work. . . I also needed to articulate more clearly what I could bring that is different than what the women at Spelman have now . . .I've really been thinking about that. All I know at this point really is that God told me that I am needed at Spelman. And I'm in need of the experience Spelman will offer me. Honestly, it was the only place where I felt called to do ministry next year outside of my work with the homeless. Now this committee has me wondering what my purpose is there. What among my passions will meet their greatest need?

But there was some good news to emerge from the meeting . . . the team that grilled me during the interview thought I could bring a lot to the ministerial leadership program . . . so let's hope they scored me high enough to get in.

I'll find out on Wednesday.

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