Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. I realized this morning, I'll be heading back to Atlanta a week from today, finished with my three-month internship at Harvest UMC in Sarasota/Bradenton. . . with a clearer perspective on where this journey in ministry is taking me and feeling a bit more comfortable about the trip. I learned this summer, I'm meant to be a pastor . . . I'm meant to preach and teach, inspire and empower and set the captives free. Wow! That's so far from where I was when I started seminary.
2. A week from this Friday, I'll be flying on a non-stop flight to Johannesburg, S. Africa. I wrote this on my list of 100 things I'll like to do before I die about 1 1/2 years ago and the dream is coming true. I think there is something to be said about the "bucket list".
3. I started my research and prep work on the sermon I hope to give in S. Africa on the 16th. Still got a lot of work to do, though, but excited I may be sharing the word some 7,000 miles or 16 hours by plane away from home.
4. In less than a month, the new semester starts and I'm not sure if I'm ready. The thought of it tires me out, but I'm also excited about working at Spelman as an assistant chaplain.
5. Speaking of, I already know that I'm preaching there on Feb. 14.
6. A Web site I'll be writing for TheOlio.org has launched. I know my bio is already there, so check it out!
7. I'm looking forward to moving into my own apartment this fall, just not the act of moving right after my S. Africa jaunt. Can we say jet lag. God help me!
8.I've seen this place here called heavenlycupcakes but have missed them by 20 or 30 minutes after they've closed. The plan was to go there last Saturday, (after I missed them on Friday) as a treat to myself following a day of shopping and store browsing, but alas, they closed as 4 p.m. just as I was leaving this boutique with a new sweater and pair of Nine West wedge heels. So, I'm making a point to head there again. . . this Friday. Right now, my flavors are between Love Ya Dolly (lemon cupcake with buttercreme icing), Red Velvet Delight, the Double Stuff (a cookies and creme, Oreo lovers cupcake) or the Rudy (a carrot cake with cream cheese icing). Or maybe I'll get one of each! Heck I think I deserve it!
9. It would be just as I'm leaving Sarasota, I find the rib and fried fish man on the corner.
10. I'll probably hit that corner too this weekend before I leave. Got ribs last week. I think fried fish is calling me this weekend.

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