Saturday, March 28, 2009


Okay so here is the latest --- I got the internship at Harvest UMC near Bradenton, Fl. Yippee!!!! I got the call yesterday afternoon from the pastor and it looks like I will be back in Florida for the next 12 weeks after I finish this semester. My first day will be May 17. (The only thing about that is I will miss my classmate from high school preach that Sunday. That's also the weekend of my 20-year high school class reunion.) Let me just say this is what I prayed for. I prayed for God to help me to make connections. This pastor, Catherine Fluck-Price, is the chair of the Board of Ordained Ministry for the Florida Conference. Now if that ain't a connection, I don't know what is . . . Keep me in prayer. This promises to be an exciting summer. Maybe I can get some of my friends to drive over and come hear me preach. I'll preach at least twice while I'm there, possibly more . . .

. . . Speaking of preaching, I delivered my third sermon yesterday preaching on the 2 Samuel 1:1; 17-27 text which was about the lament or song that David wrote about Saul and his best friend Jonathan when he learned that they were killed in battle. The gist of the sermon focused on how David was able to stay focused on the heart of Saul even though Saul sought to kill him. I'm always amazed how the sermons manifest, particularly when you stay up all night. I say that because most often I am not really aware of the process to compose them, nor do I have a particular structure in mind for putting them together. But of course my classmates seem to think so. It's only after their careful analysis and critique that I am able to see how the sermon came together. I didn't even look at as a sermon that explained how David became "a man after God's own heart." But I guess that's exactly what it was -- at least that's how my classmates saw it.

. . . I participated in my first communion service this past Tuesday and that was interesting. Of the many things I have done in the church, giving communion wasn't one of them. I believe I have a whole new reverence for the Eucharist and ultimately what it means to share in the Lord's Supper. It feels quite different to be on the offering end.

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Tony OH said...

Congratulations lady,

I wish you all the success that life has to offer and I pray that god will continue to use you in a mighty way for his Kingdom. I pray that you receive his powerful anointing so that you will have added power as you go forth to deliver the Gospel to this nation and possibly abroad. It's been a pleasure to have been acquainted with you and I believe that our paths will cross one day again. My travels have led me to California, however, I expect to be back in Atlanta one day soon. Keep up the mighty work and God bless you. Stay in touch.