Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. This is the second day of Spring Break and I'm still wondering where the break is . . . gotta take a mid-term this week, prepare for two papers due on Tuesday, a preaching assignment due next Wednesday and Old Testament readings to catch up on.

2. The North DeKalb Mall parking lot takes on a whole new meaning for me and two of my other seminary friends now that the Lord led us to pray there last night following our dinner at Applebee's. It was amazing to say the least. There we were praying for one another -- loudly I might add -- and God shows up answering all kinds of questions each of us had and killing doubts we were wrestling with. Funny. One of the messages that came straight to me was, "Juana, stop wrestling with me! You won't win!" What's so amazing is that in my Monday blog I had just written about things I wrestle with. My sister, who shared this message with me through her prayer didn't even know I had been wrestling. Now that's God! Who said he doesn't speak?

3. Today was just a beautiful sunny day. Already hitting 80 degrees and it's just the beginning of Spring.

4. I'm missing my kickboxing class in Tallahassee.

5. So I just got the word that the pastor of Harvest UMC in Bradenton wants to interview me on March 23 for an internship this summer at her church near Bradenton, Florida. I'm hoping I can land this. I'll get the full ministry experience and a chance to preach at least twice while I'm there. They'll also take care of my housing and give me a stipend . The good thing is that the pastor called me and reminded me to apply. So, maybe God will grant me favor!

6. I didn't study anything today, just looked at the cover of the books . . . tomorrow, I have to get on it.

7. I started this list around 10 a.m. today and it's now after midnight.

8. I interviewed with the chaplain at Spelman College to see whether she would take me on as a chaplain assistant next semester for my contextual education class. Unfortunately that means I have to leave behind the work I do at the homeless shelter. I'm really bothered by that. I like working there.

9. So I went to see Madea Goes to Jail last Friday and still can't tell you about the entire movie. I feel asleep midway through . . . guess I'll just wait for the DVD now. Never fails, lights go out, I go to sleep, but that's the life of a seminarian.

10. I'm going to bed now. Getting more than 2-3 hours of sleep a night is a privilege I gotta take advantage of before classes resume next week.

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