Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. God granted favor on the Christian Thought mid-term, which by the way wasn't the easiest open book, open note test. Today, I earned two more points to the 24 I already had. There were 30 questions in all. Blame it unclear wording. The answer I checked could be right, but then so could one of the others. Either way, at least now I may have a high B.

2. It's bad enough to hear the word, but to see the word nigger written on the front cover of a book can be just as jarring. The word is the title of a new book I'm reading by Randall Kennedy. It's part of a discussion about language I will be having with my TCP group (Transforming Community Project), which meets every other Monday to discuss race issues at Emory. The author takes a look at the racial epithet and the controversy surrounding it. On Monday, one of the facilitators encouraged us to observe people and their reaction when they see the book. I took it the homeless shelter tonight where I minister and it certainly turned quite a few heads, so much so, a few guys want to purchase the book for themselves. It's not a bad read.
I'm looking forward to the dialogue, especially with my white brothers and sisters.

3. I am loving the new duds I got for my computer. Found out about these laptop skins and ordered one from this artist in Singapore. This is a Lily Pang original. Check it out! Also, check out her Web site: http://www.lilypangart.blogspot.com/

4.It never fails, just when I think I'm going to the Elizabeth Inn to minister, the guests there minister to me.

5. There are about 55 days left in this semester.

6. I learned today that I can actually write a precis on an ancient theologian's writing in 30 minutes. I hope I don't have to do it again, but at least I know I can.

7. Seminary is like pledging -- you know you won't get any sleep! Got two hours last night.

8. It's nearly 1 a.m. and I still have two assignments to finish. One's due at 8 a.m.

9. My favorite consignment store is calling me -- I just got an email it's holding a $10 bag sale as part of a charity event this Saturday. How many ever pieces I can stuff in a bag will cost me only $10. So, African dance class may have to wait until next Saturday.

10. Let me get back to work. It'll be time to wake up in a few hours.

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