Saturday, June 5, 2010

Bahamas blues . . . .

I'm back where it all began . . . in the Bahamas . . . on one of the family islands where I believe some of the intensive shaping and molding into a minister began . . . particularly one who will be living the life of an itinerant minister. One's who's life will be on the move . . . one who will enter into a congregation and at some point depart . . . one who will come to understand what it really means to be called to go! And what it means to answer.

How apropos that I would be reflecting on what it means "to go" as I believe I was called to come here -- to the Cherokee Sound settlement on the island of Abaco, where residents number about 200 and sleep with their doors unlocked. This is a community where modern conveniences such as electricity didn't come to the island until the early 90s. Up until 1987, I'm told all residents went to the community operator to make phone calls. I don't know if I can quite explain it, but I believe the preparation to come here -- to be isolated so-to-speak -- began when I made my first trip to the Bahamas in January 2009 as part of the World Methodist Evangelism Institute's Conference in Nassau. I say that because on that trip, I was also isolated. Soon after my arrival, I found myself whisked away to preach on a smaller island from the rest of my traveling companions.

I know that I must accept that in saying "yes" to this call . . . in saying "yes" to coming here at this time to hone my skills as a minister, I was saying "yes" to the adventure. And like any good adventure there will be much on the journey for the making of a good story. There will be unexpected twists and turns for the creation of a good plot. Already this story is shaping up to be life-changing and unforgettable.

Just as I believed then that God needed to pull me away to do some heart, soul and mind surgery, I believe the same rings true this time around. But it still doesn't stop me from feeling the "God why here like this blues".

And honestly, the only answer that comes is, "Why not here!"

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