Monday, June 7, 2010

Watch what you pray for . . .

I have no doubt now that God is trying to get my attention, while at the same time answering my prayer to hear more clearly . . . pray more deeply . . . and help me to focus. Not only do I not have television and am unable to connect to programming online, but I just learned I can't access music on or This pops up: "We're sorry. We have detected that you are outside of the United States. This service is only available to residents within the United States."

Hence my posting on Facebook: "Okay God, I know what I prayed . . . but really?"

It's not that I don't have enough to do: three churches to contend with, sermons to write and prepare for, youth ministry activities to plan, Bible studies to lead, sick and shut-ins to visit, classwork to complete for this internship and papers to write for my commissioning packet to become ordained that's due in two months.

There's just something about having access -- or not.

All I know is that when God is serious about getting alone time, nothing gets in the way. However the pruning needs to happen, will happen.

So, I just gotta suck it up and count it as part of the adventure.

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Divine Perspective said...

Ok, so first of all, I am kinda in my feelings that you have not suggested that I follow your blog. I really didnt even know that you kept one. Anyways, we will save that debate for another day. I really appreciated this entry considering that I am in the same boat. One thing I realized was that God told me to "stop complaining and focus on the bigger picture". I am missing the entire forest because im focused on the trees in front of me. I know the Lord will help and show you, as God is doing for me, that there are things to be revealed on this journey. It is all coming into view now. Talk with you soon!!