Saturday, June 12, 2010

God provides . . .

Remember I said an adventure usually includes details for the making for a good story?
Well, here is one: Just as I'm walking up the steps, returning from dinner with one of the families . . . determined to finish this sermon (After all, they are expecting me to preach in the morning.) . . . the power goes out. Not a glimmer of light in sight. The house is completely dark . . . that dark like you can't see your hand in front of your face dark. So of course there is no way I can read books and type . . . no way I can even think . . . or hear God speak. I have only one flashlight that I stumble into the bedroom, groping to find . . .hoping to find on my nightstand.

Then God speaks. . . just before full panic sets in regarding how I will ever get this sermon done . . . tells me to call the only family that has a generator. Just as I call, Eleanor says she was about to call me and tell me to pack a bag and come over. She knows I have to finish my sermon.

So, there I go . . . venturing into the black of night with black bag in tow and flashlight illuminating the way toward my God-sent blessing . . . feeling more of God's love . . . recognizing God in the faces and actions of this family . . . knowing that I am not alone . . . but that God is directing every step of this journey . . . taking me from the darkness and into the light.

God does provide.

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