Monday, September 1, 2008

Back to the beginning . . .

I just realized I never really introduced this blog: "Goin' Broke . . . for the Lord." So let me go back to the beginning and first let me say, "Welcome". Welcome to my new life as a seminary student at Emory University Candler School of Theology in Atlanta, Ga. and a disciple in training -- at least a more informed one.

Goin' Broke. . . for the Lord is my way of saying "I'm sold out for Jesus" and it's my take on the call Jesus gave to the four fisherman he called as disciples in Luke 5. When Jesus called, they left everything behind and followed him, believing in a better expected end. I've pretty much done that, taken the risk to leave behind what is comfortable, i.e. my job as a journalist, my home, my friends, to pursue something better. (Although, I wasn't so quick to obey like the fisherman.) It took God more than a few phone calls to get me to accept his invitation. I'm kind of hard-headed.

But now that I'm here, Goin' Broke is where I will chronicle my three-year journey through my theological studies. I'll laugh here, smile here, vent here, definitely cry here and pull out my hair here. But I'll be here, as often as I can, pulling back the curtains for you to take a full view into my world.

So hop aboard the trolley and take a ride with me. This journey promises to be quite an adventure.


Preacher Dan said...

It was great meeting you outside chapel this afternoon. Use your blog as a way of venting the things that aggravate you the most at school. Don't sweat the small stuff and you will do just fine. Take care and see you around school... Dan (the old man)

God's girl said...

Preacher Dan it was great meeting you as well! Thanks for the advice! Since I didn't have a punching bag to hit, I figured this was the next best thing.