Friday, September 5, 2008

Ten on Tuesday . . .3 days later

1. I'm beginning to quickly learn that Candler is all about food . . . providing free food at that. Just about every other day, some office or department or organization is having a free food event. Today, it was Candler's Opportunities Fair in Rudolph Courtyard. On Thursday it was the Religious Education department and Thursday night it was the Baptist barbecue. I had been planning to attend that. Hate I missed it!

2. My senior advisor says it's actually possible to have a "life" in the middle of the mountainous reading assignments. We'll see. This coming week, I have 153 pages to read for one class, 22 for another (that's light) and 166 for Interpretation of the Old Testament. And that isn't exactly pleasure reading. That's not including a paper I have to write for Thinking Through Theological Education. Sorry, but new girl isn't seeing this "life" yet!

3. I've landed a job. I start work on Saturday as an assistant manager of Cannon Chapel, where we Candler students hang-out between classes, have our church services and a few classes. Great thing is that it's a perfect work-study job, I get to actually study on the job.

4. When I shared with my Candler classmates that I had taken African dance classes for years, I didn't think they would contact me so soon. How about I'm dancing -- or at least supposed to -- in Thursday's chapel service to Go Down Moses. Now if I can just get rid of the nervousness. Dancing in the club is nothing like dancing for the Lord.

5. Okay, I'm really becoming a free food junkie now. I've just looked at my calendar and realized I'm scheduled to attend quite a few luncheon events this coming week. Then on next Saturday I'll be headed to a women's retreat in North Georgia. And that's FREE too, including my transportation there! I love this school.

6. I'm told the life of a seminarian is similar to that of Christ -- the first year you're cruxcified, second year you die and in the third year, you resurrect from the dead.

7. My truck put me out the other day. The battery had no juice. But Emory has a full-time employee who's job is to jumpstart batteries, unhook locked keys from your car and give damsels in distress auto advice 101. He even found a battery for me. Have I mentioned how much I love this place!

8. Okay, so you know I'm missing my kickboxing class, right? And my class schedule and responsibilities right now seem to conflict with workout classes I would like to take at Emory or anywhere else for that matter. So I guess in the meantime, I'll just have to take the steps. But I really don't have a choice. That's all Emory has here.

9. I'm feeling Sweet Potato pancakes for Saturday.

10. Why didn't anybody tell me the one must-have school item is flip flops? After the first day of orientation, my feet let me know quickly, cute heels are not welcome here. I've been sporting flip flops ever since. In fact, I see Khol's has some cute ones on sale. I think I'll be dropping by there on Saturday.

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