Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

1. Who doesn't love getting care packages? One of my best friends from Tallahassee just sent me one on Monday. This is what showed up in it . . . this cool T-shirt! And in my favorite color . . . HOT PINK!

2. I think I should be throwing a party or something. Or at least be in line for a certificate or something; I just hit the 100 Facebook friends mark . . and I'm glad to say that I actually know many of them personally. This from the person who didn't even want to join Facebook and asked, "How can a person have 200-plus friends?" Wow, just to think I'm half-way there.

3. Hey, it seems I got another speaking engagement . . . the Dean of Admissions asked me to speak about my journey to seminary at a scholarship banquet next month. Crazy me told the dean I would get back with her after I checked my schedule. You know I must have been sleep deprived that day. Who tells the dean they'll think about it?

4. How about there are 55 people in the U.S. with my name. That's what HowManyofMe.com says. When it comes to my first name, some 70,187 people are named Juana and 238,027 have my last name. Although people I've met lately find "Juana" unique, apparently, it is the 656th most popular name in the country, more popular than my last name, "Jordan" -- it's the 110th most popular last name. How many people have your name?

5. Can I just say God always deliver and right on time. How about I officially started my work-study last week (5:30 p.m. to 10 p.m.) and had no idea how I would eat in the evenings since I couldn't leave my job. It so happened one of my classmates shared earlier that day he liked to cook, but always cooked too much food. When he learned that I was working a late work-study shift, he bought me dinner . . . seafood jambalaya, grilled corn on the cob and snacks!

6. The next night the Korean Student Association and the Graduate School students had events and invited me to eat with them. The scripture does say, "And my God shall provide all my needs . . . "

7. Studying the Old Testament in seminary ain't nothing like Bible study or Sunday school class.

8. The Bible story about manna from heaven is true. Just today, the Center for Ethics threw this open house luncheon, right at the time I was thinking, I have no money for lunch and I can't get back home in time to eat. I get a text about the luncheon and then some friends come to drag me off to the open house. "Give me this day my daily bread . . . "
9. Homeless residents have a new face in my mind now that I'm interacting with them every Tuesday night -- they look and sound just like me.

10.I've decided to officially become part of the Candler praise dance team. My debut in Cannon Chapel didn't go off without a hitch. . . I stood frozen in one spot when I should have been running and praising throughout the chapel to "Go Down Moses" but thank-goodness God covers a multitude of (mistakes)!

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